iiReport delivers in-depth information on companies covering :

  • Company Profile.
  • Years in Business.
  • Capital / Paid up Capital.
  • Line of Business.
  • Management Structure.
  • Banking Information.
  • Legal Structure.
  • Business Activity.
  • Major Customer.
  • Financial Statements.
  • Shareholder Information.
  • Employee Size.
  • iiRating & iiScore on Credit Worthiness.

Sample iiReport

Sample Report

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As a risk management tool, iiReport a must read for our customers before entering into a high value business transaction. It also integrates customer and supplier information across your business units, so you can measure the total scope of your relationship with individual business partners or groups of companies. This enables you to better manage risks associated with any particular business partner. It can also help you identify and leverage additional opportunities with customers and suppliers that are members of the same corporate family.


iiRating is an assessment of the creditworthiness of a company. Indoinfo searches, verifies, analyzes information related to the debt payment capacity of a company and after a thorough and objective evaluation of the company, assigns it a credit rating.

The iiRating evaluation process takes into account various key factors including financials, company size, historical payment behavior, years in business, management experience and ownership background.

iiRating builds trust in your business relationships and is important to your business partners including suppliers, buyers, vendors and bankers. With a good iiRating, business relationships can continue to be smooth and profitable.


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